Full-Service Customs Brokerage

For more than 35 years, Vimar's experienced team has successfully helped brands around the world achieve greater profits by utilizing efficiencies in international shipping.

Without a doubt, the cost of transport constitutes a large portion of the total landed cost, your total cost, of imported goods. Transport costs, however, should not be beyond the control of the importers, since after all it is they who bear the payment.

Control of transport cost rests with the importers who insist upon selecting transport modes and routes to suit their needs, rather than taking the easy way. This method is often the most expensive, leaving the cargo traffic arrangements to your overseas suppliers, who simply add these costs to the sales price, or ship collect with little regard to the costs.

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Supply Chain

Whether you’re moving goods domestically or internationally, VIMAR simplifies the supply chain process and can deliver significant savings to your bottom line.

Licensed Professionals

Multiple licensed U.S. Customs brokers on staff and present at all locations to oversee all aspects of your import/export needs.

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